About GoldenTech

All Things Digital & Tech In One Place.:.Inspiring Tech Needs For Businesses. We handle all your tech projects! We are a global and goal oriented company, designed to produce results for clients with speed, giving you access to high technology and team support. We don't only manage your server, create you a website or build you an app, we also build your business with you, ensuring that you flow with trend.
GoldenTech, a renowned tech firm in software and Website Development is made-up of highly-skilled and creative group of programmers. We explore PDL processes of websites and apps creation for businesses and industries. Our services guarantees profit and growth, and boosts every company's performance in line with swift innovation and creativity.
We render the Best services ranging from Professional Web Designing, Software Development, Professional Graphical contents, Exchange of all Crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Usdt, etc.) to Naira. Quality and Durable Cobbling of Sandal & Palms; Branding, Printing and Customization of T-shirts, Polo, Caps, Mug Cups and Plates etc.

Leaders raise their kind, hence, the reason we also run an Academy to raise experts that will match us if not surpass.

We are Global. No matter where your business is located, we are readily available to offer you excellent services. We are always in high alert so your needs / challenges can be solved. Our teams are constantly educated so they are up to date with current trends.
We take the best approach to each project. Our clients satisfaction is our priority.

-Technology don't wait, move with it!

Our Mission

To provide top notch services that exceeds Clients/Customer expectations, and enable Clients achieve their goals and result timely, as Customer Satisfaction is our priority.

Our Core Values


Our Vision

To develop a company that will occupy a pride of place in the world of technology through the development of products and the provision of services that will have a positive impact on the way businesses operate.

Why Choose Us ?
For Superior Websites and Apps

Tech is the fastest way to grow your business. Get the latest of apps and website with mind blowing designs.

For High Quality and Satisfaction

Give freedom to the desires and ideas in your head, let them unfold beyond limits.

For your own Economic Space Online

Your brand deserves an online presence. Stay up-to-date with innovative strategies on how to match your brand with endless customers.

Sole Founder or Start-up?

New to Information Technology? Need domain registration, web design and hosting, software and apps development, digital and social marketing? You are not alone. Connect with us and receive great support.

A Portfolio of What you Need to Know.

Websites and apps are tremendously necessary for building or improving a brand online, attracting and retaining clients, boosting profit and maintaining a positive reputation. Enhance your presence online with our marketing expertise! SEO, ENGAGING CONTENTS plus TRAFFIC BOOST!

We Are secured

Confidence and peace of mind is guaranteed when you work with us. Yes, we can manage your server, host your website and register your domain at no risk. With our great services, your projects are assured of business safety and maximum security updates.

Our Strategy

On target

We start by researching and giving your idea a feasible definition. It’s difficult to take the first step but we are on a plan to get you there.

On track

By getting it right from the beginning, our targets for your projects flourish with every step. Direct productive communication during plan execution is ensured.

On your side

Your needs are first digested and understood for work effectiveness and efficiency. That's why relationships with clients are always respected and maintained. The goal is to serve your desires without adding no stress.